One of the most loved comic book characters and superheroes of all time, Superman has been at the forefront of pop culture for a long time with his iconic “S” symbol being found on merchandise and apparel at every turn. Now that well known and much-loved symbol can be found in your shop thanks to these great wholesale Superman gifts and merchandise. They promise to be some of the most stylish film merch the huge Superman following have seen and we are sure they will be flying off your shelves!

Within this range you will find everything from mugs and magnets, to lights and notebooks. This awesome range will take a lot to be outdone and not even kryptonite has what it takes to slow down the rising popularity of Superman and these incredible wholesale Superman gifts. 

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Superman Logo Light

A brilliant Superman Logo Light to brighten up your home. Shaped like the iconic Superman 'S' shield, this is a perfect gift for any comic book or sup..

Superman Notebook

Write up all your heroic deeds after spending the day saving the world, or hone your skills as a future Daily Planet reporter like Clark Kent and Lois..

Superman Shaped Mug (special offer)

Saving the world is thirsty work, so once you've finished righting wrongs and bringing several supervillains to justice, settle down and relax with a ..